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'Transformative experiences through Sound, Breath & Present Moment Awareness'

We offer personalised 1:1 sessions as well as exquisite, ceremonial Group-Events such as Sound Meditations & Breathwork Ceremonies, as well as transformative Retreats in Zürich and vicinity, working with evidence-based healing modalities in the field of Vibrational Sound Healing, Breathwork, Yoga and Meditation, Integrative Bodywork, and Transpersonal Psychology, to support your own awakening and discovery process. 

The journey starts within; it is where we tap into our true essence so we can retrieve our own signature frequency. Our individually attuned Sound Healing treatments, Breathwork and transpersonal guidance sessions can initiate this process, so you may experience insights into your own spiritual development, revealing your self-sabotaging patterns as well as the hurdles of cultural and ancestral conditioning that was passed down to you. 

In both our 1:1 sessions and ceremonies, we are attuned with the everlasting present moment and aim to be a vessel of support in order to trigger your inherent ability to self-heal. In gratitude for the here and now, we honor the vehicle of the past that has carried you to this very moment, and embrace the visions of your future.

We  believe in the transformational power of ceremony, in which we encourage you to fully sit in the sole reality of the moment.

Sacred Ways is the the exclusive offeror in Zürich for Vibroacoustic Therapy (VAT)

We place great importance on creating a safe and space, drawing on many years of professional experience in the fields of Transpersonal Psychology, Systemic Coaching, Integrative Bodywork, Somatic Experiencing, Community and Social Work, Family Counseling & Mentoring ,Shamanic Ceremonial Work, Women's and Men's Wisdom Work, Breathwork and Sound Healing.

Who can benefit from this work?


Anyone who has made a conscious choice to step out of the bubble of limited beliefs, collective and individual fear, and emotional and physical trauma and is open to embrace a new thought paradigm that promotes worthiness, wellbeing, and above all, a reconnection with the authentic Self, can benefit from this work. 

Aside from that, Sound Healing and Breathwork modalities simply promote wellness in the field of Stress Management and Burnout Prevention, helping you unwind from daily life and return to the core of your being. This is why we also offer our services to businesses and institutions as part of their Corporate Philosophy or exquisite Team Building Events and Retreats; furthermore, we support expectant parents and their babies in deeply-profound private Sound Healing Ceremonies. For more information click here.

This work might benefit you greatly if:

・cultivate presence in your life

・you want to get to the core of emotional and physical blockages.

・you are willing to take charge of your own life and embrace the shadow aspects of your          being in your quest for self-acceptance.

・you want to get clarity and alignment around your soul purpose.

・you want to reconnect with your essence and true potential.

・you want to cultivate a loving heart that will make this world a better place.

・you want to nurture your physical and emotional health and spiritual development.

・you simply want to unwind from daily stress.


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Everything is infinite energy; all things in existence are in constant movement and continual transition. The seabed, the sunrise, the sound of a voice, and the cells in our body. Emotions are energy in motion. Our intuition is the voice of our higher self and the innate wisdom of the body to balance itself. Cultivating a deeper understanding of the energy within —  stuck or flowing —  and its nature will help us connect to our inner wisdom.

With a vision to be of service to others, our intention is to offer a pathway for people to return to their natural vibration and true voice. We believe that ancient healing modalities that incorporate Sound and Breath are powerful tools to reconnect us with the truth of who we are, support our health and wellbeing, and align us with the awareness of the present moment. 

For when we tap into our true essence, we can discover our purpose. We can return to Self and live life in sacred ways...



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