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Sacred Sound Meditation | a ceremonial journey to the inner self

Our exquisite Sound Healing Meditations are journeys into the depths of your inner self. The healing power of sound brings you through your own process to the core of your true self; Sound Healing Sessions in the presence of a collective energy are profound experiences that work on both a physical and a spiritual level. Blockages can be dissolved and the energies in the body can flow again.


Our Sacred Sound Meditations touch all the senses, with the aim of restoring your inner balance and leading you through healing soundscapes to your essence.

Sound Mediation Sacred Ways Zürich

"Thank you both for the wonderful Sound Session! You do it beautifully and are a fabulous Team. I enjoyed it so much. I'm reborn. Many thanks and let me know for the next time!" - Clifford Lilley


"Danke für das tiefe, fundamentale Erlebnis von gestern Abend. 
Bin schon lange mit Meditationsarten, auch berufsbedingt als Sonderpädagogin unterwegs, aber dieses einmalige Erlebnis würde ich gerne nochmals in mir aufsaugen." - Cornelia Bolt

"I still cannot put it in words on what exactly happened in this Sound Ceremony. All I can say is that it deeply moved me and revealed a vast unified field of all in existence that made me feel profoundly safe like no experience has done before" - Charlotte Jost

"A Sound Healing with Marc is like nothing else I have ever experienced. It is deeply transformative, healing and relaxing. Marc brings in so many wonderful sound elements so you can float on other dimensions. I feel always very safe and supported by his calm presence. Looking forward to the next session." - Manuela Schöpfer

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