Marc Grüninger | Co-Founder


Marc grew up with a love of music and a keen interest in spiritual studies. It was in his youth, when the musical soundscapes of his favorite artists created something like a safe haven for him — to an extent that he subsequently chose his first career to be the one of a music specialist at a record store. He started immersing himself in mystical and spiritual literature at a young age, as he always felt there was ‘something more’ than the three-dimensional reality humans are accustomed to. Recurring encounters in his adolescent years with Himalayan hermit Swami Yogeshwaranda Giri were fortunate occurrences that made him dive deeper in his quest for universal wisdom. 

Marc left Switzerland for California in his mid-twenties where he was working as Music & People Photographer and created numerous photojournalistic and personal projects along the way. Learning from the experience while seeking his true purpose, it was at the age of 32, when Marc had his first profound experience through the infinite wisdom of  master plants in combination with Sound Healing. He has since been working genuinely and respectfully with Plant Medicine, assisting in shamanic ceremonies since 2017. Through the teachings of both the plants and his teachers, Marc has propelled his own healing process and has come closer to the truth of his being: To weave together Sound Healing and Transpersonal Psychology, and to share his knowledge while continuing to be a student in the school of life. 

Marc firmly believes that physical and emotional health are coherent, and that our mental well-being is a natural state of the soul. Ultimately, we are all part of a vast vibrational network; we are all part of a cosmic symphony. Because the universe is sound. This is where Sound Therapy & Breathwork comes in: Healing through Breath & Sound has the potential to reconnect us with the origin of our being — with the source of All That Is. 


Marc is a father, Transformational Coach & Purpose Guide, certified Sound Therapist, Esalen Bodyworker, internationally published photographer, and facilitator of Breathwork & Sound Healing Ceremonies. He received a degree in Social Pedagogy and has worked as a Social Educator with troubled youth and refugees, and most recently, as a trained family counselor. The combination of Marc’s knowledge and experience in the Healing Arts has birthed a method of wellness that elevates mind, body, and soul.


2012 — 2022 | Metaphysical Studies, Sound Healing, Plant Medicine Work, Vision Quests, Inner Child Work, Assistance in Ceremonies (Keala Rafana Ministry of Sound and Source, Hawai'i)


2020 — 2021 | Certified Transpersonal Coach (Transpersonal Academy, Switzerland)


2020 — 2021 | Certified Sound Therapist (Nada Prana Academy, Bavaria | Klangwelt Nada, Northrhine-Westfalia)


2017 — 2020 | Graduate Social Educator (Agogis School for Social Pedagogy, Switzerland)


2015 — 2017 | Graduate Esalen-Massage Practitioner (Esalen School, Switzerland)


2008 — 2012 | Various Workshops in the field of the Human Potential Movement, 5-Rhythm Movement and Dance, Transpersonal Psychology, Esalen Massage, Holotropic & Rebirthing Breathwork, Shamanic Studies with Dr. Hank Wesselman (Esalen Institute, California)


2003 — 2004 | Applied Human Psychology (Apamed, Switzerland)


1997 — 2000 | Apprenticeship at a Record Store

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Valérie Grüninger | Co-Founder


Valérie was born and raised in Switzerland as the youngest of three children. After college she moved to Berlin where she worked and lived for several years. 

Her interest in Yoga and the ancient vedic traditions emerged at a time where she was struggling to find balance in life. Trying to find her unique voice, she tried out different teachings and practices; after exploring Bikram Yoga she then found joy in the practices of Vinyasa, traditional Hatha and Restorative Yoga. In 2018 she studied under Serge Bandura and Gloria Baraquio from Shivakali Yoga in Hawaii where she eventually completed the RYT-200 Yoga Teacher Training. 


Valérie always strives for living a life of purpose. Over the years, she has done various workshops in the field of analytical psychology (in particular inner child and shadow work). After her time abroad and spending years travelling, creating, and exploring, Valérie has skillfully weaved together her many traits and learnings from various traditions and teachers which all come to life through Sacred Ways.


Her main intention is to offer a safe space where everyone feels welcomed and at home, so wellbeing and connection may be generated on a universal level, in a beautiful and accessible way.  

Valérie is a mother, yogi, producer, and creator. Above all, she's a friend.