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Marc believes that the inherent truth of all humans is to be found in their soul, which is the real nature that defines who we really are in our essence, and reveal the gifts we were born with in order to share it with the world — a world that is in dire need of people becoming alive with their purpose. From a viewpoint of Transpersonal Psychology, a mentor can support an individual’s process by  revealing their authentic self in order to encourage one to live life from the heart in their mission to serve a higher good, while honoring their path and the core of their essence.

"The 3-month Transformational Coaching & Purpose Guidance program has pushed me to new heights in many areas of personal and spiritual development. Marc has a gift of creating a familiar and safe environment right from the start and was always able to put matters in a different light; this makes one get to the core of emotional obstacles almost effortlessly, inducing its potential solutions along the way. The combination of Sound Healing, Meditation, various effective breathing techniques, transpersonal methods, and conversational therapy makes this coaching program unique, as you learn valuable tools that can be integrated into everyday life and work on both a physical and emotional level. I can recommend it from the bottom of my heart." - Rahel B.




















Marc's approach also nourishes a spiritual-therapeutic need: His Transformational Coaching is based on effective shadow and inner child work, and the subsequent cultivation of the present moment, which makes a manifestation of our true calling and vision possible in the first place.

As your Transformational Coach and Purpose Guide, Marc uses a variety of methods that are rooted in Jungian Psychology as well as many meditative, breathing and mindfulness techniques. Obviously, Sound Healing is an essential part in the individual's discovery process of the real (transpersonal) Self.

"There is only one Guru: the one within. The journey towards the remembrance of this truth is the real purpose. The willingness to accept the flow of life with all its processes of change at any time as well as the belief in our divine origin of great importance for living a fulfilled life. There is an eternal network of guides out there to support you on your path of remembrance. I feel honored to be of service to you, and assist and guide you on your sacred path." — Marc

What is Transpersonal Psychology ?

Transpersonal Psychology is a field in psychology that is focused on the spiritual aspects of human life. It has its roots in the work of humanistic psychologists including Carl Jung, who was deeply interested in the spiritual aspects of human nature. Transpersonal Psychology is a holistic (whole-person) psychology which embraces the important role of self-transcendent states, mystical states, psychedelic experiences and other forms of non-ordinary and exceptional states of consciousness in fostering personal transformation, well-being and optimal human flourishing.


Humanistic psychology honored and embraced consciousness, introspection and the other uniquely human qualities which were left out of psychoanalysis and behaviourism. This new holistic and multi-modal approach to psychology also shifted the emphasis from the dysfunction-based models of psychoanalysis, and the animal-research basis of behaviourism, to an approach focused on growth, wellness, human potential, self-actualization and the interdependence of mind and body.


One of the key figures in the history of transpersonal psychology, Stanislav Grof, put it this way:

“Western science is approaching a paradigm shift of unprecedented proportions, one that will change our concepts of reality and of human nature, bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern science, and reconcile the differences between Eastern spirituality and Western pragmatism.”


Ultimately, Transpersonal Psychology is based on the fact that we are spiritual beings, that a soul exists that can store experiences materially and temporally independently of the body, including from the time before conception. This idea expresses the adjective ‘transpersonal’.

To convey access to the inner wisdom that healing primarily does not come from outside, but comes from one's own self.


A transpersonal coach does not insist on a specific scheme or method, but often chooses the intuitive approach from the presence of the unified field of consciousness; the coach puts more emphasis on ‘not knowing’ than anything else. This may be the most important prerequisite for the coach: to be open enough to go beyond what he has learned, and to engage with the wisdom that arises from being present. The presence of the coach creates a deeper awareness of the client's self, which initiates the actual healing process; presence can convey access to the inner wisdom that healing primarily does not come from outside, but comes from one's own self. The great C.G. Jung described healing as an alchemical process that can only take place when people essentially meet. The ways into the transpersonal area may be different, but ultimately the goal is always to arrive in the here and now, in the presence of pure being. There is no longer anything personal that wants to impose itself on another, since the non-dual experience of presence transcends all concepts and beliefs.

Coaching Sessions:

60 - 70min | Sfr. 150.- *

*Please contact us for a complementary 20min introduction call to find out more about our 3 month Transformational Coaching and Purpose Guidance Program. 



What are the challenges I am facing? Where am I stuck? Where did some essential parts of the Self  get lost along the way and how can I gently re-integrate them in my life? What do I need in this very moment? What do I wanna create for myself and this world?

Together we'll explore the infinite possibilities in your process. 



As you are in your transformational process, I support you unveiling your truth in your quest for your authenticity.



When you are aware of your essence, you will be guided by the true voice of the self and have the necessary tools to support your ongoing process.

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